My first camera was a Barbie Photo Designer digital camera when I was eight-years old. I was fascinated with seeing the world through its pink flowery lens and reveled in the instant gratification from uploading frames directly to the computer. I've had a camera by my side ever since, though my tools have evolved since my Barbie days, the practice of documenting the people and events in my life to better understand the world and connect with others has remained unchanged.

I'm a storyteller at heart. During our sessions, you are the main protagonist. My job is to bring out your story and the full expression of your spirit. And the best part? You just have to be YOU. I'll take care of the rest.

As a dancer and former on-camera host, I know what it's like to feel the heat of the spotlight, the sweaty palms, and the uncontrollable fidgeting when faced with the lens of a camera. A dear photography mentor of mine approaches her sessions with clients as if you're just hanging out with a friend. I've adopted the same attitude. We'll play music, we'll laugh, we'll keep it fun, and I hope my experience can calm your nerves and get you to enjoy the process as much I do! And feel free to bring an actual friend to your shoot. It makes it even more of a party.



“Shelley is an incredible natural light photographer in Tokyo. I did a couple of professional portrait sessions with her and came back again for engagement photos. Her versatility and creativity make for unique high-quality photos you can't get anywhere else.”

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